About Us

You’ll be ⚡️shocked ⚡️ by how amazing we are

Bay Coast Electrical and Control Solutions is a cut above other electricians in the Batemans Bay area –

we can tell you exactly what’s watt. But enough of the cheesy puns.

You want to know why you should trust us with your Batemans Bay electrical work. Right?

Let’s start with the basics. You’ll be ultra-impressed by the quality of our work and our outstanding customer service. No matter what you’re looking to achieve electrically, we’ll work with you to achieve it. It’s our mission to exceed your expectations.

 We show up…yes…even if the surf’s up!

We’re committed to our customers and we know how important your South Coast electrical supply and electrical needs are. We value your time and won’t waste it by making an appointment and leaving you waiting for hours (sound familiar?). We’ll show up when we say we will, on time and ready to work.

Got a tough electrical job? We thrive on them!

We’re not afraid of hard work. With 25 Years’ experience as electricians, we honed our skills in perhaps the most

Difficult working conditions – the mining industry. 

We’ve got a reputation for doing the difficult electrical jobs, the ones that no one else will touch.


Jack of all trades? Not really, we’re strictly Batemans Bay electricians but…

If you have a manufacturing plant, a cheese factory, a marina, a bus depot or you run the local town pools in the Batemans Bay Area, we can help you with your electrical needs. In fact, when it comes to electrical, we can help just about anyone.

Distance isn’t an issue if you need electrical work carried out

You’re in good company