75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

Emergency Electrical Work during Bushfires

Baycoast electrical and control solutions had been working to restore power to as many places as we can during the bushfires. Many homes and businesses around the south coast were without power. We had many emergencies which needed immediate attention. Mobile reception was sketchy due to which no one could get through us if tried. We tried to get to as many places as we can during the Bushfire Emergency Work. Our movement was restricted as roads were closed. We answered the queries when the mobile reception was restored. You can see below some of the emergency work we had been completing for members of the community and services around the area.

3 Phase Generator Adapted to Tractor

3 phase generator adapted to tractor

Generator Installation at Dairy Farm

The cows on this dairy farm had not been milked for 4 days due to the devastating fire and no power. We modified a 3 phase generator to the back of a tractor to restore power so the girls could be urgently milked. The cows were close to euthanasia as they need to be milked regularly to avoid sickness and mastitis, which is incredibly painful. Cows udders become uncomfortable very quickly if they are not milked and they are usually milked twice a day.

We had to drop a phase off the generator lead as it was only a 2 phase system in the dairy. The farmer was very happy that his girls were able to be saved.

generator installation at dairy farm
dairy farm generator installation
Bushfires emergency
bushfires emergency electrical work

Emergency Generator for Opal Aged Care Home

The elderly people in the Opal Aged Care home were at risk of not having access to power. So we hooked them up a generator. The elderly are one of the most vulnerable during an emergency and we were mindful of this when attending. This generator was a back up to ensure the residents were kept safe during the emergency. This also ensured that their routines weren’t upset too much by the disaster.

emergency generator opal aged care home
opal aged care home generator
emergency generator opal aged
generator opal aged home
emergency generator opal aged

410kVA Generator for Coles in Batemans Bay during the Bushfire Emergency Work

It was very important to get the Coles Supermarket back up and running with a generator. Coles have important food and supplies that the people in our community need to survive. We considered getting this generator up and running a high priority. We used a 410kVa generator to power the store so it could open it’s doors and to keep the food from spoiling. This fire emergency in Batemans bay had been stressful for everybody. It was important to keep vital services up and running as soon as possible.

installation of generator at Coles Batemans Bay
Coles generator installation Batemans bay
Coles generator during fires Batemans bay
Generator installation at Coles Batemans Bay