Determining Electrical Emergencies

Electricity is one of the most important energy sources in the world. It’s primarily used in our very own homes in Braidwood. We illuminate our rooms with light bulbs, store our food in refrigerators, take care of our clothes with washing machines – basically we depend on it. And while we typically take it for granted, it is actually potentially dangerous. Various risks such as faulty appliances, to damaged wirings, to even water exposure can quickly become an electrical emergency. Becoming aware of these risks is important for us to always be prepared for anything.

What Are The Types Of Electrical Emergencies?

Some common electrical emergencies are as follows:

These electrical emergencies can be frightening, and it’s necessary to stay calm and collected. While some of these emergencies require little to no action on our part, most of these will require you to contact your local Braidwood electrician, utility provider or the fire department.

What To Do During Power Outages And Blackouts

A power outage or a blackout happens when the electrical power goes out unexpectedly in a particular area. These are commonly caused by storms, by improper trimming of trees, vehicle collisions, and more. Power outages and blackouts may cause interruption with communication lines, water supply, and transportation. These may also limit the usage of medical devices, home appliances and other machinery, overall affecting the majority of Braidwood homes and businesses. Although power outages and blackouts in Braidwood can be annoying, they are not particularly dangerous. Make sure you turn off all tools, appliances and other electronic machines to prevent a power surge when power is restored. Illuminate your homes with candles and don’t leave them unattended. Business establishments, hospitals, and shelters will typically have a standby generator that immediately activates when power is lost.

Safety Measures From Fallen Power Lines

Fallen power lines are a different issue. They are usually caused by violent storms, vehicular accidents, lightning strikes, and even simply from a bird passing by a power line. When a power line goes down, never touch them or anything near them, and always assume they’re live. For your own safety, stay at least 8 metres away from it, and immediately call us and we’ll get you a local Braidwood electrician right away.

In the event of electric shocks or injury, quickly call an ambulance and report the incident to your local authorities.

Problems With Your Meter Box

The meter box controls the flow of electricity in your home. It separates the power supply to your lighting, wall sockets, and appliances in various areas (or “circuits”) in your home. In the case of an overload, the breaker in each circuit can be blown or tripped.

Meter boxes don’t usually make noise, but when they do, they are not usually dangerous. However, if the noise disturbs you, you don’t want to quiet it down on your own. You need Braidwood electricians with the right expertise on electrical meter boxes to handle the issue for you. Have us take a look at your switchboard as well should it need replacing.

Electrical Circuit Overload

Electrical circuits can only handle a specific amount of electricity, and each circuit powers only a limited number of light, appliances and other electrical devices. The distribution of power is, as mentioned above, the job of a meter box. However, if you attempt to power up too many circuits at once, it can cause an overload. Most of the time, the breaker “trips” the supply by cutting it off immediately. Some occasions that “trips” happen include dimming of lights, a buzzing sound coming from your outlets or switches, warm outlets, a burning odor, scorched or blackened plugs, and lack of sufficient power to your home appliances. Should a trip happen, unplug your devices and get in touch with us. We perform with thorough procedures and will never put you and your equipment at risk.

Electrical Fires

Fire from electricity may be caused by faulty outlets and appliances, overloaded wiring, and issues with the circuit breaker. When faulty wires are exposed to heat, they ignite insulation, drywall and wood, and fire starts climbing to your walls. If an electrical fire happens:

1) Never use water to douse the fire;
2) Call the fire brigade immediately, and if someone is injured, call an ambulance right away;
3) If you have your own electrical fire extinguisher, use it right away. Otherwise, leave the premises immediately.

Electric Shock

Electrical shocks range from minor injuries to potentially lethal medical emergencies. They are easily caused by some of the factors mentioned above (faulty appliances, damaged cords, bad wiring, downed power lines, lightning, water exposure), and the shock might knock one unconscious, have difficulty breathing, or be wounded with burns. Cases like this require immediate attention by contacting an ambulance and reporting to your local utility service.

Adapting To Emergencies Together

Every one of us at Bay Coast Electrical and Control Solutions strongly believe that Braidwood’s safety is the number one priority. We guarantee to exceed your expectations by performing the job the quickest way possible with our high quality and top-notch service work. Our servicing areas include Ulladulla, Batesman Bay, Tomakin, Moruya, Tuross Head, Dalmeny, Narooma, Bodalla, Eurobodalla, and many other surrounding towns.

In the event of an immediate electrical emergency, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you.

We’d like to recognise the traditional owners of the beautiful Bay Coast area, the Walbanga people of the Yuin nation.