75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

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EV Charging stations Batemans Bay & South Coast area. EV Charger install, repair or replacement. Baycoast Electrical & Control Solutions. Today’s electric vehicles are attractive and make good economic sense. With plenty of stylish models to choose from, there are so many reasons why these new vehicles have gained massive popularity in Australia and abroad. Obviously eliminating the cost of petrol from your weekly budget would be a welcome choice for many Australians. In fact electric vehicles are better for the environment and this is a no brainer for many.

Some people may be hesitant to buy an Electric vehicle because they are concerned about EV charging stations and if they can charge the car at home. The good news is that we can install a charger for your car at your home, or workplace. You can keep your car charged at a time that is convenient to you. No need to drive up to the charging station and waiting around for your vehicle to gain a full charge.


Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Home


Some savvy purchasers are concerned with the current charging situation being slightly inconvenient. Having a safe and reliable home charging system is imperative for most electric vehicle owners on the South Coast of NSW. Luckily, Baycoast Electrical and Control Solutions have been assisting locals with the installation of home EV charging stations for their new cars! Among our many services, we can install a new charger to suit your car. We can also repair any current charger you have installed or we can replace an older model with a new one. 

💡Why invest in a Residential EV Charging Station?💡


Baycoast Electrical & Control Solutions is certified to install EV Charging stations in and around the Batemans Bay and South Coast area. We meet your needs whether you are looking for EV Charger repair or replacement. If you have just purchased an electric vehicle (EV) and you want to be able to charge at home, we have your needs covered. Some models require a lot of power to charge and this means installing a charging station. We have to make sure your electrical system can handle this much electricity flow.

Here are seven potential benefits of having an electric vehicle charging station at home or at your business:
  • Convenience: With an EV charging station on your property, you can charge your vehicle overnight or during the workday without having to visit a public charging station. This can save you time and hassle, especially if you have a busy schedule.
  • Cost savings: EVs are generally cheaper to operate and maintain than petrol-powered vehicles, and charging at home can be significantly less expensive than filling up at a petrol station.
  • Environmental benefits: EVs produce no tailpipe emissions, which can help reduce local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Charging with renewable energy sources such as solar power can further reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Increased property value: Having an EV charging station on your property can be seen as a valuable feature by potential buyers or renters, which can increase the resale value of your home or the attractiveness of your business to customers.
  • Business opportunity: If you own a business, offering EV charging can be a valuable service to customers, especially as more people switch to electric vehicles. This can also help attract environmentally conscious customers who prioritise sustainability.
  • Increased range: With a charging station at home or work, you can top up your vehicle’s battery whenever it’s convenient, which can help increase the range of your EV and reduce range anxiety.
  • Independence from petrol stations: With an EV charging station at home or work, you can largely eliminate the need to visit petrol stations, which can be especially beneficial in areas where they are scarce or inconvenient to reach.

We install safe and secure systems for your peace of mind.

Commercial EV Charging stations on the South Coast of NSW It makes good business sense to install an EV Charger at your place of business. This gives your employees a place to charge their vehicles while they work. Many employees would find this to be a massive perk. No matter what type of business you are in, it makes good sense to offer the option to charge at your premises. Whether you are in an office, or any other type of commercial premises, we can stop by for a quote and discuss your options.