75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

You may have heard of the term “level 2 electrician” in your area for some time now, but what does it exactly mean? And how does this compare to a regular electrician?

What makes a level 2 electrician different from a regular electrician’s qualifications to perform complex electrical work. According to the AusgridEndeavour Energy and Essential Energy authorities, electrical issues are categorised into three levels (1, 2 and 3) under the ASP (Accredited Service Provider) scheme. When an electrician or an electrical company is an ASP, they’re qualified to perform and complete specific electrical work depending on the level assigned to them.

What are the ASP Levels?

There are three primary levels in the ASP scheme, each with a distinct range of services. Each ASP level is certified by the electricity authorities of Australia and is restricted only to the services indicated in each ASP type. 

Level 1

An electrician with a level 1 ASP qualification generally provides consumer connection services. Level 1 ASP electricians can perform the following electrical tasks:

Level 2

Compared to a Level 1’s line of work, a Level 2 electrician undertakes more elaborate electrical work. Besides carrying out electrical tasks and emergencies in residential areas, level 2 electricians can also perform electrical work for commercial and industrial projects.

Under the Service & Installation Rules of NSW, here are the following range of services a level 2 electrician can provide:

  • Disconnection and reconnection of service lines at the connection point
  • Upgrading of consumers mains, repairs, maintenance and defect notices
  • Working on underground service conductors and wiring systems
  • Removing and replacing a local electricity distributor security seal by local electricity distributor procedures
  • Installation and connection of underground service lines
  • Relocating and upgrading an existing underground and overhead service line and restoring power supply on completion
  • Disconnection and reconnection of underground and overhead service lines
  • Replacing service protection devices
  • Working on overhead service conductors including, installation and connection of overhead service lines
  • Installation, replacement and removal of service protection devices and fuses
  • Energising service equipment
  • Removing and installing meters

Level 3

Most of us would think Level 3 ASPs can perform even more work than Level 2 electricians. But surprisingly enough, Level 3 ASPs are only involved with the design of network assets’ distribution. They do not have the authorisations and qualifications to work on electrical projects and jobs. Level 3 ASPs only design overhead and underground electricity reticulation.

Why the Need for a Level 2 Electrician?

You want to hire a qualified and certified level 2 electrician to carry out major electrical works and emergencies on or near Ausgrids and Endeavour Energy’s network. In addition, electricians operating under the level 2 ASP scheme can perform any labour associated with the electrical services listed above. 

You’ll need a professional team of Level 2 electricians like Baycoast Electrical and Control Solutions for all electrical works. Our team knows how to supply and install customer private poles, upgrade consumer mains, perform overhead and underground electrical services, handle defect notices and more. 

With every work that we complete, we comply with the NSW service regulations and the AS300 wiring rules, providing you with the assurance that the job is completed and meets the requirements of the tasks through our suitably qualified team.

Sydney’s Best Level 2 Electrician

The Baycoast team ensures that everything always works to the highest of standards. We are always ready to step in and perform any necessary repairs in case of an emergency. We pride ourselves on our reputation, which is why we’re committed to giving the best possible customer service experience. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your needs!

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