75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

Level 2 electricians have a massive responsibility in both mastering the trade and performing various electrical jobs properly. A Level 2 electrician knows the rules and regulations for providing electricity to infrastructure projects, applying ample expertise and practice to ensure these projects continue functioning without fail. After all, these infrastructures are critical in supporting manufacturing, logistics, telecommunications and many others.

What is infrastructure?

To fully understand the importance of Level 2 electricians in infrastructure projects, let’s define what infrastructure is. Infrastructure is an essential facility, service, or structure commonly used by a community for personal, business, or industrial use. Infrastructure helps move and deliver goods and services, such as electricity, sewage, food, transportation and merchandise.

They are often called “public works“, and they’re important because the community pays for them (with taxes), and the majority of them depend on it for everyday activity. Infrastructure is an investment that in time generates a strong economy, which benefits society and the environment.

A Level 2 Electrician’s Role in Infrastructure

As unexpected as it seems, maintaining vital infrastructure is just as crucial to electricians as the government and the rest of the people. A Level 2 electrician’s main job in maintaining infrastructure is to provide adequate power supply safely and reliably. It also entails ensuring equipment such as transformers, substations, and poles are appropriately monitored. Level 2 electricians also install, replace, and repair electrical components in the infrastructures such as wiring, conduits, lighting, etc.

Electrical Work on Bridges

Bridges are structures built to allow safe passage over either a body of water, land, or roads, transporting anything and anyone to and fro. A Level 2 electrician’s skills are required to oversee any installations and circuitries happening on the bridge properly. He or she detects where and when malfunctions occur, acting quickly to repair—keeping on top of maintenance results in a well-built bridge for community use.

For example, a previous project the Baycoast team was involved in provided Level 2 power to the Nelligen Bridge for Seymour Whyte Constructions.

Level 2 Electricians Work on Road Intersections

Intersections are types of traffic infrastructure projects vital in facilitating the movement of traffic streams from two or more different directions. Intersections have two types: controlled and uncontrolled. Controlled intersections are roads with traffic lights that control the traffic flow.

Conversely, uncontrolled intersections do not have traffic lights or any other electronic signalling devices. Accidents, vehicle queues, pedestrian crossings, and pollution are some of the many problems intersections pose, affecting people’s safety and transportation efficiency.

With this in mind, it’s a Level 2 electrician’s job to ensure every traffic signal system is well-coordinated and timed perfectly to lessen traffic congestion and improve overall road safety.

Electrical Work on Overhead Lighting

Light is one of the essential resources in everyone’s daily lives. These types of street lighting illuminate dark and dim areas to aid in movement and sight for the public. Plenty of homes, businesses, and industries depend on light for productivity and convenience purposes. Overhead light fixtures indoors include industrial and ceiling lights.

On the other hand, exterior canopy lights, street lights, and stadium lights are some of the many outdoor overhead lighting fixtures used. In general, overhead lighting plays a significant role in maintaining public safety by keeping areas visible at night. Overhead lighting has been shown to give a sense of security and lessen the number of violent crimes committed in well-lit areas under darkness.

With light’s many benefits, a Level 2 electrician’s role is just as important. It is their job to ensure lighting fixtures are regularly maintained to prevent future accidents. Plus, they will even suggest energy-efficient options to help lower utility expenses.

Electrical Work on Public Spaces

With overhead lighting, Level 2 electrical work in public spaces entails a well-qualified level 2 electrician. Lights breathe life into streets, buildings, parks and facades, and the communities themselves. Public spaces are important gathering places for people and communities, and lighting can turn these places into a visually appealing experience. It can even help boost tourism and economic development.

There are many ways to use lighting in public spaces. Still, the one that stands out the most is bringing positive attention to the public spaces: building entrances, public transport stops, retail displays, signage, a park or a plaza, literally in every corner of the community. Without the involvement of electrical work in public spaces, districts would be left in the dark.


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