Baycoast Electrical and Control Solutions were contacted last minute to perform a Level 2 transport connection job (coming to and from Canberra end North & South Coast). The job involved a roundabout leading up to the new bridge to help alleviate traffic congestion in Batemans Bay.

Level 2 Transport Connection Job - Baycoast Electrical

Swift negotiations were made after a major issue arose that would have severely affected the commissioning date. The team contacted Essential Energy and confirmed the connection application. Moreover, the team discussed with the contractor and the E.E to not hold up the delay in connection of power signal traffic in heavy and peak periods.

Baycoast Electrical and Control Solutions performs a Level 2 transport connection job
BayCoast Electrical level 2 connection on a Transport for New South Wales job

The job was performed successfully and has exceeded the company’s expectations. The team stands by its rule: To provide high quality and top-notch Level 2 service work the quickest way possible. We are happy to fulfill our client’s needs albeit the short timeframe and the problems that emerged.


Our company used BayCoast Electrical for a level 2 connection on a Transport for New South Wales job. Not only did they come in at the last minute due to us being let down by another local level 2, they were also able to negotiate a solution with the supply authority after an issue arose which threatened to severely delay the commission date. The team at BayCoast Electrical went far above and beyond their scope of work to make it happen. I could not recommend them enough for all level 2 works. The team were quick, professional and great to deal with. Thanks BayCoast!


BayCoast Electrical Customer Review local level 2