75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

Point of Attachment – South Coast


If you are wondering what a point of attachment is, then keep reading. If you have electricity from the grid attached to your house, then you have a point of attachment. 

We were called out to replace the point of attachment  in a house located on the south coast of New South Wales (NSW). This component, called the Point of Attachment (P.O.A.), is the spot where the electricity from the external power grid connects to a residential property.

Point of Attachment Arm Maintenance 

The Point of Attachment (P.O.A.) arm is an essential component in the electrical infrastructure of residential and commercial buildings. It serves as the physical juncture where overhead power lines from the main grid are connected to a building’s wiring system.

Designed to support the weight and tension of the connecting electrical cables, the P.O.A. arm extends outwards from the structure, ensuring that the cables are securely fastened and sufficiently distanced from the building’s facade. Given its role in sustaining a continuous and safe flow of electricity, the integrity of the P.O.A. arm is paramount.

Regular inspections and maintenance are vital, especially in areas exposed to harsh environmental conditions, to prevent potential hazards and ensure consistent power


What happens if POA Fails

When a Point of Attachment (P.O.A.) rusts through, it poses significant risks to the safety and functionality of a building’s electrical system. If the corrosion progresses to the point where the P.O.A. can no longer support the weight and tension of the attached electrical cables, the wires could potentially detach and fall. Such an occurrence can lead to a multitude of hazards.

Firstly, live electrical wires pose an immediate threat of electrocution to anyone coming into contact with them. Additionally, if these wires come into contact with wet surfaces or pools of water, the risk of electrical shock in the vicinity increases. Apart from direct electrical hazards, fallen wires can obstruct pathways, leading to potential physical injuries.



POA Problems

This customer had 99 problems and the POA was most of them. We were required to replace a Point of Attachment (P.O.A.) for a home on the south coast of New South Wales (NSW). The P.O.A. serves as the junction where a residential property connects to the external electrical grid.

On the functional side, the detachment of these cables disrupts the electrical supply to the building, causing inconvenience and potential damage to appliances and electronics due to sudden power loss. Moreover, there’s an increased risk of electrical fires, especially if the live wires come into contact with flammable materials. Given these serious implications, ensuring the integrity of the P.O.A. is of paramount importance.

Point of attachment replacement on the south coast.

Making a Point of Staying Attached

Due to the house’s location near the sea, the salty sea air can easily cause metal items to rust or corrode. This coastal environment accelerates the wear and tear on metal parts, including the P.O.A.

In this instance, the P.O.A. that was attached to the fascia of the house (a fascia is a band or plate that horizontally runs across the exterior of a house, usually near the roof) was old and likely corroded due to exposure to the coastal environment.

As a result, there was a need for a service to disconnect the power from the old, deteriorating P.O.A.

POA Electrician Batemans Bay

Once the power was disconnected, a new P.O.A. was installed. This installation was done carefully to allow for a fascia to be placed around it, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish to the house’s exterior. The power was then reconnected to this new P.O.A.

Due to the corrosive nature of the sea air, it’s crucial for residents to inspect their P.O.A. routinely. By doing so, they can ensure it isn’t rusting or detaching from their homes, which could pose safety hazards and functional issues. Regular checks will prevent potential problems and costly repairs in the future.

Connecting POA replacement arm
Point of attachment replacement on the south coast.