Several connection problems may arise when hazardous electrical installations or changes of property take place. And as a result, various line disconnections and reconnections occur. Bay Coast Electrical and Control Solutions provides a professional and quality service and can help you with point of attachment electrical services.

What is a Point of Attachment?

The Point of Attachment is the first point of electricity supply, where an overhead service cable coming from a street’s network connects to the property. 

This connection is the midpoint that runs from the street’s network to a roof apex, private power pole, fascia board or switchboard. The point of attachment lets the power flow from the primary electricity network to the property’s power supply.

To put it in simpler terms, the point of attachment is a midpoint junction box. The cables coming from this connection point lead to the 80 amp service fuses, called consumer mains, then to the retailer electricity meters inside the meter box.

Types of Point of Attachment

Here are the following point of attachment examples:

Defects of Point of Attachment

Here’s why Baycoast is the best team to call when it comes to point of attachment electrical services:

If you experience any of the above, you can count on Baycoast Electrical and Control Solutions. We provide professional and quality services to our clients in Batemans Bay, NSW. We will never leave you unattended.

Assisting You For Any Point of Attachment Electrical Services

We will have one of our 24-hour emergency level two (2) electricians come to your service and replace the affected or damaged parts within a short while. We will then restore your power immediately on the same day.