75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charger at a hotel resort can be a smart and forward-thinking decision.

We recently installed a smart charger for electric vehicles at a Lincoln Downs Resort. This gives the guests the convenience of being able to charge their car during their stay. The number of electric vehicles on the road is increasing globally as the automotive industry shifts towards sustainable practices. By installing an EV charger, a hotel resort can attract environmentally conscious travelers who drive electric vehicles.

Competitive Advantage:

Offering EV charging facilities can give a hotel resort a competitive edge over others that do not provide such amenities. This can be particularly appealing to eco-friendly travelers and those who prioritize sustainable options when choosing accommodations.

Some travelers actively seek out places that offer EV charging facilities. Installing chargers can help a hotel tap into this niche market and potentially gain repeat business from environmentally conscious customers.

EV charger installation Lincoln downs Resort

Providing EV charging stations can enhance the overall guest experience. It shows that the hotel is forward-thinking, customer-focused, and committed to sustainability. This positive impression can lead to favorable reviews, recommendations, and increased customer loyalty.


As the automotive industry continues to transition towards electric vehicles, providing EV charging infrastructure positions a hotel resort for the future. This proactive approach can help the business stay relevant and appealing to a broader range of customers.

Installing an electric vehicle charger at a hotel resort not only addresses the current needs of environmentally conscious travelers but also positions the resort as a forward-thinking and sustainable destination, contributing to its long-term success and appeal.