75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

1. What is a temporary power supply?

A temporary power supply is an on-site electrical connection for building or construction work. The supply can be utilised for up to a year, with a short extension available should the construction project be almost complete.

2. When is it required to apply for a temporary power supply?
A temporary power supply is typically utilised only for building projects and construction work but can also be used for other situations as needed. However, it strictly cannot be used for residential or commercial purposes.
3. What are the electrical standards and safety requirements to supply temporary power?

Construction sites must carry out temporary power supply per AS/NZS 3000: 2018 Electrical Installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules), except as varied by AS/NZS 3012 where appropriate additional controls apply. You can view the complete overview of the requirements here.

4. What can a temporary power board be used for?

Temporary power boards are suitable across various situations, including providing power for construction sites, building projects and demolition areas. Baycoast’s temporary power board installations fully comply with the AS/ANZ3012 rules. Our temporary power boards are housed in a box, mounted on a pillar, weatherproof and secure from interference.

5. How does a temporary power supply work for construction?
Construction projects require the use of welding machines, power tools and similar construction equipment to complete the job. A temporary power supply ensures a power source is available for necessary equipment & lighting, so the project smoothly progresses and finishes on time.
6. Why is it essential to apply for permanent power once construction has been completed?

A permanent power supply is required after the construction project is finished, so the client is billed according to the building’s service rate and kilowatt demand. The facilities and equipment with their respective power demands will match the power loads of surrounding residential and commercial buildings. Otherwise, the temporary power supply is disconnected.

7. Where can I get temporary power for my construction site?

Get temporary power from a company that can quickly provide the solutions you need for it. While utilising generators is the easiest choice, opting for an efficient temporary power supply system employed from a local specialist level 2 company such as Baycoast Electrical and Control Solutions is a far better consideration. We’ve recently provided temporary power for Batemans Bay TAFE C.N.C., as well as supplied power for several recent projects as well.

8. I’ve contacted Baycoast to do the job. What’s next?

Schedule a visit to have their team overview the construction site, the specific types of equipment to be used, the time frame of the construction project, the utility sources available with their corresponding locations, and the area of the temporary power supply on-site. Prep work will then commence: a proposal will be crafted by the company, then a verification process is involved to ensure everything is in order.