75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

75 Maloneys Dr, Maloneys Beach NSW 2536, Australia

Power points and light switches in older homes may pose a higher risk of electrocution, a fire hazard, or worse –  one’s life. Old power points and light switches tend to get looser and looser as time passes by. They may also develop problems that can cause electrocution.

Electricity can be dangerous and that’s why you need some safety measures in place. The thing about electricity is that you can’t see it, and you’ll never know when it’ll strike. While a safety switch is convenient for protection against sudden electrical accidents. It is still highly recommended to have a professional electrician handle, maintain, and replace old and damaged powerpoints and light switches with more modern ones.

The Advantages of Making the Switch

The upgraded, modern power points have protective flaps that block access to the screws installed. This prevents the slightest contact of any electrical surge. The flaps are only to be opened by qualified electricians. The new sockets come with shutters from the inside to add another protective layer against electricity. Some even come with USB ports for direct device charging.

Old light switches would have unprotected or flimsily protected screw sockets. These are an immediate risk to electricity exposure. This is why modern light switches have also been designed to have no visible screws in sight. As a bonus, they look pleasing to the eyes and they add a touch of class to any room.

You may not realise it, but your home is at a greater risk of having old power points and light switches still installed. Damaged and faulty wired plugs and switches are the biggest causes of electrical accidents – about 10,000 people suffer from electrical injuries in Australia every year.


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Have your power points and light switches upgraded now!

Call BayCoast Electrical and Control Solutions to have them replaced with a fresh set of power points and light switches. Thay guarantee minimal chances of experiencing an electric shock, electrical accidents, electrical fires and so forth. Our services include a full safety check of all your old switches and power points, replacement of new ones, and a thorough report of your home’s electricity situation.

We’re available on short notice to come in and undertake any required repairs. Whatever the problem, whatever the time, we’ll be there to fix it. Contact us at (Office) 0433 083 013 or (Mobile) 0415 754 270, or view our full range of services.

Upgrading your Power Points and Light Switches